Personal cooling products

Why is   personal cooling essential?

Everybody owns a rain coat. And in every house you will find clothes for colder periods. But only few people use wearables to protect them from the heat.

Isn’t that odd?

Are you going to jump into the water when it’s getting really warm? Take a cold shower? Or take off your clothes? In many cases that’s not an option. When you are at the office for example. Or playing golf, tennis, jogging, attending a festival. Or working in a factory. Cooling is essential in these circumstances. To continue what you are doing, stay comfortable and keep your performance. And stay safe, to not overheat and lose control.

How does the body  react  to  heat ?
The body’s normal core temperature is 37-38 degrees Celsius. When it’s heating up due to physical exercise or external heat, the body reacts by increasing the blood flow to the skin’s surface. You start to sweat. As the sweat evaporates, the body cools down. The more you sweat, the more your body has to work. Energy is more and more directed to the process of cooling down. So other areas will have to cope with less energy.

What are the effects when your body fights the increasing temperature ?
When warming up, your body starts to sweat. In most cases this will be sufficient, but when your body is exposed to heat for a longer period or increasing temperature, this will happen:

  • sweat and transpiration will increase, your clothes get wet;
  • your heart rate will increase;
  • you start to feel uncomfortable;
  • you will get tired;
  • your body will get in strain;
  • you will lose concentration (up to 40 %);
  • you will get agitated;
  • you will get a headache;
  • your ability to react slows down, which may imply unsafety
  • When exposed to warmth too long, the following may happen:
  • your muscles will cramp;
  • you will not be able to concentrate anymore;
  • you will faint;
  • and worse…

The process of a body that’s fighting the heat is called “heat stress”. And heat stress is easy to avoid, with the help of cooling products.

So why not assist your body with the process of cooling down? To stay comfortable, perform better and stay safe.

Cooling products help to avoid “heat stress”
Yes, but they do more!

You will perform in the way you are used to, for a longer period of time. You will enjoy what you are doing for a longer period of time. But there’s more.

Sporting performance will increase with around 10 % for professionals. On an amateur level even more. That may not seem impressive at first hand, but the difference in performance between top athlete’s are just 1-2 %. It may just be the difference of becoming a world champion. That is why many top athlete’s and even world champions are using Hitech cooling products.

On an amateur level cooling products help you to  work out for a longer period of time. That means more and longer exercise, more muscle buildup and more weight loss. And …… cooling products will also help to restore your muscles quicker.

Your productivity at work will decrease less when cooling products are used. You will feel less tired or uncomfortable (sweat) and in hazardous environments, stay more safe.

Are cooling products wet?
Yes and no. Some of our products are dry so your clothes and skin will stay dry. And some of our products have to be soaked in water. It may feel a little moisture, but your clothes will stay dry. In no way comparable to a wet towel, which feels wet and waterdrops will make your other clothes wet. Just remember; wearing no cooling vest, you simply become more wet from the sweat…

Which cooling product is suitable for my situation ?
All our products will help you to cool down. From the wrist cool which cools your wrist and helps in less active situations, to our headcool power which is a cap perfectly suitable for outdoor activities like golfing, attending festivals and sailing. Our professional Body cool Pro is our most effective cooling apparel, used by for example fireman, policeman and construction workers. Check out our website to find the right cooling product for your personal situation or application. Or contact us for our advise