Personal Cooling Products

Hi-Tech Baseball Cooling Cap

Hi-Tech Bodycool 2BSafe

Hi-Tech Bodycool Basic

Hi-Tech Bodycool Pro X

Hi-Tech Bodycool Pro

Hi-Tech Cool Over

Hi-Tech Headcool Power

Hi-Tech Heat Beater

Air cooling system

Aqua cool Two stage cooling 3K to 20k CFM

Pre-cooling of fresh air PCU F-AQ

Pre- cooling of fresh air by using return air of the building PCU-R AQ

Lecture On Fresh Air Cooling System With Indirect Evaporative Cooling

Garbage chute system

Hi-Tech Waste Management  Products

Garbage chute system for residential and commercial building

Hitech segragated waste collection system

Multiple chutes


Waste bins

Garbage chute system for shopping centers

Garbage Chute System Master Catalog

Garbage compactor and bailer



Stationary compactor for garbage chute system

Hitech Stationary Compactor

Garbage Trolleys

Garbage Trolleys catalogues

Debris removal chute & Hitech debris removal chute

Hi-Tech Debris Chute

Linen chute system

Heat pump

Heat pump catalogues for Flats and Villa

Aqua Master Domestic hot water Heat pump

Aqua Master water cooling system for Villa & Apartments

Close loop cooling tower

Pre cooling of air cooled chiller wet wall

Pre cooling of air cooled chiller wet wall

Solar Water Heater and Calorifier, Tank

Solar Water Heater and Calorifier, Tank