Hi-Tech Equipments Trading L.L.C.
We Design, fabricate and carry out installations for Garbage disposal systems, Linen chute systems.
We offer cost effective Energy savings systems for Heating and cooling of Air, water for Domestic & industrial applications.
Product : Domestic water heating with solar power
Project : Labor camp in Warsan ,Dubai
Consultant : Hitech Equipments Turnkey in house Design , installation, and commissioning of the system
Client : Dubai Municipality
Contractor : Hitech Equipments , Retrofitting of electric hot water system to solar water heating with Heat pump back up .
Product : Air to water heat pump for heating Domestic water ,Heating capacity 60 K.W. and cooling plant room
Project : Retrofit of existing Light Diesel oil used boiler for heating of domestic water to Heat pump system , Dubai Hospital Dubai
Consultant : Designed by Hitech Equipments
Client : Department of health Dubai,
Contractor : supply , installation by Hi-Tech Equipments
Product : Water to water heat pump for heating swimming pool water, Heating capacity 210 K.W. source of heat Chilled water from Building return line
Project : Dubai Creek Harbor
Consultant : ATK Engineering consultant
Client : EMAAR Properties
Contractor : United technology
Garbage chute door bottom hinged
clear Opening 400 x 600 mm with electric interlock open position
Linen chute door, side hinged
clear opening 450 x 600 mm with electric lock and indications lamp in open position
Garbage chute Trisorter door in open position,
bottom hinged, clear opening 400 x 600 mm with controller

Industrial Air Cooling System

Indirect Evaporative Cooler, Two Stage Evaporative Cooling, Factory Air Cooling Solutions. Dehumidifiers, Humidifiers, Fogging & misting products

Water Heating & Cooling Systems

Solar water heating, Heat pumps, Swimming pool water heating & cooling, Home water tank cooling system, Close loop cooling towers

Waste Management Products

Garbage Chute, Garbage Trolleys, Linen Chute Systems, Garbage Compactor, Baler, Garbage Chute Maintenance, Waste recycling system

Hi-Tech Equipments Trading L.L.C.

“Hi-Tech Equipments Trading LLC.” was established by our professional engineers in the year 1991. We offer following products..

  • Waste Management Products
  • Industrial Water Heating Systems
  • Domestic Water Heating & Cooling System
  • Swimming Pool Water Heating & Cooling System
  • Heat Pump
  • Desiccant Dehumidifiers & Cooling Equipment 
  • Industrial Dehumidifiers
  • Indirect, Direct Evaporative Cooler
  • Industrial Cooling System
  • Unit Cooler, Condenser, Dry Cooler, Evaporator
  • Fogging & Misting products
  • Industrial Spray Nozzles
  • Wet-wall Evaporative Cooling System
  • Cooling Vests & Accessories

Satish Joshi
Managing Director

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

To Be The Preferred Partner/ Subcontractor for supply of Waste Management System (garbage chute systems), Refuse Containers & Energy Saving Products.
Core Values

Core Values

Sound Technological Expertise, Reliability & Dependability
Our message

Our message

We wish to foster growth through offering Reliable Services and Strong Technical Partnerships.
Our Business Domain

Our Business Domain

Manufacturing, Trading and After Market Service of waste management, energy saving systems.
Complete solutions for Waste management system for residentials and commercial buildings, Domestic water heating and cooling system, Fresh air cooling system, Dehumidification for comfort cooling.

What We Do

Hi-Tech Equipments Trading LLC. is a leading manufacturer of waste disposal systems armed several years of rich working experience in U.A.E. with good technical knowhow. We also offer energy saving products. Our focus is on sustainability towards mother earth.

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Garbage Chute System

Garbage Chute System

We design, fabricate and install complete garbage chute  system and linen chute system.
Garbage Trolley / Waste Bin

Garbage Trolley / Waste Bin

We supply all kinds of garbage  trolleys, waste containers & waste bins which are approved by local authorities .
Garbage Compactor

Garbage Compactor

We supply all kinds of garbage  trolleys, waste containers & waste bins which are approved by local authorities.
Indirect / Direct Fresh Air Cooling System

Indirect / Direct Fresh Air Cooling System

This is unique cooling technology is preferred  for residential , commercial and industrial premises  for cooling fresh air which is essential for healthy life.
Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater

We offer Solar Water Heater for residential & commercial  buildings.

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